Ram’s Horn Choreo Poem

This was a piece I felt inspired to create for Rosh Hashanah 5772 in 2011.  The poem being read is by Kohenet Rabbi Jill Hammer, and was edited and creatively improvised for the dance. I listened to and danced the poem every day for the month of Elul, until the piece was birthed in this form.   When delving into spiritual matters,   I really like to embody and feel viscerally the concepts and ideas.  This allows the paradox of both literal as well as transcendent understanding of the piece.

rams horn 2 

rams horn 5

rams horn 1


and while i had planned to use a traditional, well refined and tamed shofar,   this ancient ram’s horn appeared at  the last moment to come dance with me.  Carol Tova, who was gracious enough  to lend it for the prayerformance, explains a bit about the history.

and if you want to get a close up look at this beautiful horn, watch this:

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