Fundraising and Practical Hands-on Help Campaigns Launched!

Friends and Supporters~

Thanks to the generous talents and time of my friend, June K.,  we now have a fundraising campaign-  Jess’s Journey- Healing Inner and Outer Landscapes to raise the funds needed for pursuing healing and volunteering for 1 year in Peru.  Check it out here-

She also helped me organize some hands-on support for the daunting task of moving….to a foreign country….with 2 pets… less than a month…..with severe adrenal fatigue and other ailments.   Your hands on help is crucial to making this a successful launch.  If you feel called, please sign up here~

Other things needed to make this adventure possible are:

  • to sell my car-   a 2013 Honda Fit in great condition, brand new tires and still under warranty.  This will allow me to pay off my credit cards which I’ve been using to support my healing journey for the last year~
  • somewhere to store a small amount of personal belongings for a year while I’m gone.  It needs to be easily accessible, dry and free of mold (ruling out many PNW basements).
  • Foster homes for my plants, artwork and a few pieces of nicer furniture.  These things would very much enjoy being enjoyed by you in your home while I’m away and not boxed up.  If you’re interested, let me know and you can come by and have a look.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,


Wanna know more about how I came to this path?  Check out. Summer Solstice Brings Big and Wonderful Changes…



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