Beleszőve Földlánya Jószívű

Beleszőve Földlánya Jószívű.  At the beginning of the year, i chose this as my new spiritual name for the next leg of my journey. Choosing or Receiving a spiritual name can be a powerful practice.  For me, it has always been a prescription- something I want to strengthen or remember within myself.   Sometimes I use it publicly, sometimes only in more-defined spiritual contexts and sometimes it is an inner name. Until today,  I have not shared this name publicly, though i whisper it to myself often, especially as I drift off to sleep.

Poetically translated and  coaxed from my the language of my heart- Hungarian, it means “Interwoven Kind-hearted Daughter of the Earth”.  The 3 parts are key–Beleszőve- is what I am most needing and desiring in my life- to be woven into the larger fabric of community; a sense of belongingness. Földlánya- this is what I pledge; to be a Daughter of the Earth, a steward of Pachamama. Jószívű is who I am at my core, independent of circumstances; what I bring to this lifetime- a big heart and wellspring of compassion.

The reason I share this with you now, is because I am struck by how powerful and quick the medicine has been and how woven into the journey I’m about to undertake it is.  When I shared my BIG Plans to move to Peru to continue my healing journey and dedicate myself to service, I received so many comments and emails from people, friends and strangers alike, telling me how sharing my story and process helped re-awaken their own longings to create change.  It was at that moment I realized that this journey I’m about to undertake (or the one I’m already on, actually), isn’t just my journey, it’s our journey.   I undertake it to spark flames and quickening in those poised to launch into their own odyssey as well as for those who might never make any outward shifts, but will experience inner shift living through me.  Let’s face it, not everyone is in a position, nor has the constitution to sell all their worldly possessions, pick up and move to another country, and work for free!  You are woven into me and my journey.  By the same turn, I am woven into you.  Although I am the face of this journey,  it is not going to happen without the support of many; Living with Fibromyalgia, Stage 3 Adrenal Fatigue, Epstein Barr virus, Candida, Depression, Anxiety and possibly some more stuff we’re still waiting for lab results on and not working for almost a year as I dealt with these health challenges, means I have neither the strength, energy nor funds to do this by myself. Contributing your prayers and healing energy, hands on help and monetary aid are some of the threads that can weave us together into a beautiful tapestry of health and renewal, both personal and planetary, for those are interwoven as well.

If you feel called to make a contribution to my journey to heal inner and outer landscapes, please visit my You Caring donation page-

and if you’d like to support me with hands on help preparing for this HUGE move, I could really use assistance with that as well– see the Lotsa Helping Hands page a friend set up for me– Jess’s Journey

You can hear how my name is pronounced by clicking on the speaker icon here if you’re curious, or just want to experience its sound healing qualities.  But don’t worry, you can still call me Jess.

A Dove From My Heart,

jess aka Beleszőve Földlánya Jószívű


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