“Dare, Care, Share”, aka Fun with Math

Let’s have some Fun with Math, shall we?

The challenge is called “Dare, Care, Share” and involves me, you and yours.

It’s an easy but fun math problem to solve, I promise.

I’m trying to raise $7000 for a year of healing and helping in Peru– that seems quite ambitious, esp. in only 2 weeks, no?

Let’s say I have 175 facebook friends- if each person donated just $5 to my fundraiser, that would be enough to buy a 1 way plane ticket to Peru. But if each friend posted this link on their wall along with an impassioned intro about why you believe this project is important, and 3 of your friends also donated $5, that would be half my total goal!!!
So, if each friend donated $10 and got 3 friends to donate $10, the goal would be met!

If each friend donated $10 and got 3 friends to also donate $10, my $7000 fundraising goal would be met and I could spend a year in Peru, healing and helping! How easy is that? Share Today!

Metrics already shows approx 1/2 of my donors are people outside of direct friend circle, so we know strangers are willing to give to this cause.

175 X 5 = 875
875 x 4 = 3500 (4= you+3 friends)
175 x 10 = 1750
1750 x 4 = 7000! (4= you + 3 friends)

That seems a lot more doable, doesn’t it? So that’s what I’m going to ask each of you to do.

Hand holding a heart

1) Dare- I’m daring to take a bold leap to live in harmony with the natural world, heal myself and contribute meaningfully
2) Care- turn your caring into a $ contribution of $10 (or more….or less)
3) Share- help spread the word….many hands (dipping into wallets) make light work of fundraising. Share on FB and email, along with an impassioned intro.
Here’s a fun way of phrasing that my friend, Megan used. You can use her intro if you like,

“My friend Jess is on the planet to be a powerful force of healing and she’s going through quite a tornado of transformation as she prepares to leap into her heart’s beautiful call. She’s doing a really cool kickstarter campaign to raise money for her journey to live in Peru. Read more below. Let’s launch her!”

Donate Today!   Then Share on Facebook/email~ http://www.youcaring.com/jess-schurtman-402373

A little change can create a lot of change
A little change can create a lot of change

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