You Are Not A Lone Tree, But Part of A Forest Ecosystem

Did you know that trees in a forest ecosystem communicate with each other and share resources? It’s true;  Trees communicate and share water, carbon and nutrients through a web of fungi that are mycorrhizal, meaning they are mutually beneficial  and symbiotic.    Even dying trees that appear to have nothing to give, are channelling nourishment to younger trees that would struggle to survive without this sharing of resources.   This fascinating discovery was made by Canadian ecologist, Suzanne Simard.   Watch  this to learn more:

Our brains work the same way with neurons and axons.   Healthy human communal ecosystems work the same way- helping build resilience. Where we humans get into trouble, is when we erroneously imagine we are lone trees, instead of part of a regenerative forest ecosystem.  Throughout my life, I have mostly been a Mother Tree, sharing my extra resources with my extended network.   Now, this tree has been sick for some years and no longer has the resources to stay healthy and must depend on the forest network for an infusion of nutrients in-order to not only survive, but to   thrive and become a contributing member and participate in the regenerative eco-system.

Our Roots Intertwine. My Journey is Our Journey; My Healing, the Planet's Healing.
Our Roots Intertwine. My Journey is Our Journey; My Healing, the Planet’s Healing.

I invite you to remember that you are not a lone tree, but part of a forest community, and that we can be resilient by sharing our resources.   If you feel called to donate to my fundraising campaign so that I can participate in that regenerative cycle– healing myself and give back to the Earth and organizations facilitating that healing, I gratefully welcome your contribution.

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