Yom Kippur, The Body as Sukkah and Joy For the Upright in Heart

My Yom Kippur this year: Sitting in bed propped up with pillows, watching Sand Island turn from Pink to Golden, chanting Kol Nidre and Or Zarua la Tzadeek, ul’yish-ray lev simcha (Light is sown for the righteous and joy for the upright in heart). Recording myself singing, so i can have someone to harmonize with….yes, harmony, almost always. You say duality, I say expanding the playing field of Oneness.

Divine RaysMolly unearths a deer antler, naturally shed in the woods, that we found on a walk a few days ago.  She nestles into me…likes being close to holy sparks….. and chomps contentedly. I page through the siddur; Reb Areyeh’s siddur…..God I miss that fully human mensch.

I sip my caramel rice latte, contemplate the body as Sukkah and feel no duality in consuming physical sustenance on Yom Kippur.  If anything, this rare treat only heightens the feeling of holiness; the Donmeh would understand*.

The only thing that would enhance the holiness even more, is if I had some non-canine, non-tree, non-river, non-bird people here to sing and pray with me.

the Presence
The Presence


Gut Yontif and Yom Tov,



*certain sects of Donmeh who followed Shabbatai Zvi are known for reversing religious restrictions such as feasting on fast days.  Although I do not follow Donmeh principles, I find their ideology interesting.


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