It’s Okay Not to Feel Grateful on Thanksgiving.

Just so you know– it’s ok to not feel grateful on Thanksgiving. It’s ok to read everyone’s cheery statements and long lists of all the good in their lives and feel crabby. It’s ok if you’re not feeling it and can’t genuinely wish others good cheer. It’s ok to “have it all” and still feel emptiness lurking inside you.

cow poop
Feel like Shit on a Day Dedicated to Gratitude? You’re Not Alone.

Just notice how you *are* feeling. breathe into it a little. Notice if you want to breathe into it some more. Invite yourself to send some love and compassion to that part that is suffering. I send you some as well. Maybe stay off social media today? Go out and lean against a tree, or lay in the sand or a pile of leaves.

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