Freebie– Inspirational Posters for You to Download for Free!

One of my hobbies is to make inspirational “posters” or whatever they’re called from photos I’ve taken, and pair them with little nuggets of wisdom from myself and others (despite my rudimentary skill in graphic and web design).   I’m feeling a sense of abundance today and I’d like to share the wealth.  Feel free to download.  If reposting, please use proper attribution.

Scared is Sacred

Download- Scared is Sacred downloadable


divine jewel posterDownload- divine jewel 

Be your own gurudownload-   Be your own guru

be you sizeddownload- be you sized


True NatureDownload- True Nature

Budha don't care
Download- Budha don’t care

Deepen in Self Love

Download- Deepen in Self Love

direct human experience

download- direct human experience

Don't Contract in Fear

Download– Don’t Contract in Fear

But never forget…..

Think Critically

Download– Think Critically

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