Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

Re, Re, Re, Re-spect the Wisdom All Around You

Do you ever mis-read a word, but the mistaken word still winds up offering something of value? I do that all the time, and often I simply dismiss the mistake and move on. This morning I misread the phrase, “redirected her energies” as “rededicated her energies”. There’s something to that. Often times, after a long period of working towards a goal, or striving or what have you, we become exhausted and burnt out, and we try to simply redirect our energies to the desired outcome or right on to the next goal.

Rededicating Energies
Rededicating Energies Artist- Paulina Yakovleva

But “Re-dedicate our energies” invites us to pause and consider desired outcome and strategy before plunging onward. Not just to consider, but to renew our contract, it’s a mini-new beginning. Re-dedication means mindfully choosing. Every new moon provides an opportunity to re-dedicate our focus of attention, instead of just continuing with the same old goal as the last cycle. And if we *do* choose to continue to invest energy into the same goal, Re-dedication allows us to pursue it with refreshed energy or perhaps re-assess and proceed with a different tactic; to see it with new eyes and bring a boost of new energy from having re-affirmed, yes, I do still want to focus my energies on this project. Here’s an ultra-simplified example: it’s kind of like how they tell you to shut off your cell phone and turn it back on every so often. Re-dedication is that awareness that, yes, I do want to use my phone and deciding to invest yourself into making that a reality.

Before re-directing, here’s the steps I see being useful:

  1. Release,
  2. Re-evaluate,
  3. Rest, Rejuvenate and Receive,
  4. Re-dedicate, then finally,
  5. Re-direct.  
Rest, Rejuvenate and Receive~ artist- Jessica Boehman

See the Home Practice section below for more guidance on how to implement these actions.  Although I’ve delineated these steps to support deeper exploration, in on-going practice, it can be much more organic.  On the other hand, it can be helpful to follow the steps in order for a while until you’ve metabolized the process, then you’re ready to off-road it.  Kind of like how I did this morning.  I’ve been letting myself just kind of flail around, exhausted from efforting at achieving goals without full success and just feeling burnt out.

In the absence of any clearly directed energy on moving forward, my mind got fuzzy and read, “re-dedicated”.  I allowed myself to receive the wisdom of that impulse, rather than just tossing it off  or chastising myself about my brain fog (it just happened again– I thought and almost wrote, brain frog!  Brilliant!  That made me laugh and gave my brain, tired from trying to synthesize this info a nice little laughter massage! Now I feel a bit more refreshed).

Brain Frog
Brain Frog

See how there is so much wisdom available to us in every moment?  And how often do we dismiss it?  Also note from the brain frog example, how it can be simple and easy, not something you have to set aside time for and make a formal practice of.   I want to underscore this dynamic, as it’s a lesson I’m currently learning myself.  I came back from a healing trip to Peru with the mandate to rest; that rest was the way I would heal myself from my chronic illnesses.  Of course life presented me with circumstances that allowed for anything but rest.  Now I am beginning to realize that rest is available in the moment; in every moment, no matter how stressful or action packed.

Rest is available in every moment. Artist- Lucy Campbell
Open to the Wisdom all around you, such as through a dreamwalking practice. Artist- Lucy Campbell

Rest in the moment looks like pausing long enough to take just 1 slightly longer inhale and exhale; it looks like connecting with my lower dan-tien (energy center 2″ below the navel) when I feel ungrounded. And it looks like enjoying the humor and rejuvenation of my brain frogs when my brain-fogged brain is working too hard,  instead of worrying that I’m developing dementia 🙂

So What are you Re-dedicating yourself to?

This experience has gotten me in touch with how I’ve been relating to my goal to “rest more” in the most un-relaxed and stressful way, and now I’m feeling called to re-dedicate myself to resting, with a refreshed approach; taking in the new learnings I have gleaned about rest being available in the moment and a way of being, and not an end-goal when all my ducks are in a row.

Rest is available in every moment. Artist: Agnes Herczeg


Try This At Home~

  1. Release~ attachment to the old focus, however realized or unrealized it was.  Start fresh. Maybe you’ll pick up the same goal, but approach it in a new way. Maybe it’s time to let this goal rest for a cycle or two.
  2. Re-evaluate~ what longings, pulls or whispers are calling your energy forth this cycle?  Feel into your heart-space more than your head-space.
  3. Rest, Rejuvenate and Receive~ don’t stay stuck in your inner machinations, open to receiving guidance and wisdom from all around you. Watch the magic and creativity that ensues when you let go of “trying to figure it out” and “trying to make it happen”  Let go of trying and allow yourself to be surprised by what emerges. Engage in a practice that helps you open to other/higher wisdom, such as walking in nature, taking a nap in the sunshine, meditating, making art, working with your dreams, using a divination tool such as tarot or scrying, spirit journey using drum, rattle or plant medicine.
  4. Re-dedicate~ now, having, cleared, reset and renewed, feel into what wants to happen and feel the natural desire to help make that happen; Re-dedicate yourself to making it so.
  5. Re-direct~ after re-dedicating your intent, use your energies to manifest your desire, and watch how releasing the efforting invites ease and flow.

    Ready to Re-Direct Energies. Artist Karen Maniere
    Ready to Re-Direct Energies. Artist- Caroline Maniere

Artwork on story cover by Stephanie Pui-mon Law


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