Only Love in Action Can Transform Hate

The knowing that came to me today while doing dishes (duh! when else does spiritual insight appear?!?), is something i think I already knew, but keep forgetting. It’s one of those ocean in a drop of water knowings, so it’s hard to explain and fully encapsulate….but I shall try. It is this: We have come to a time in evolution, where to move forward, we must abandon the old and engaging trope of us vs. them, good vs. evil, my side vs. theirs, etc.
It really and truly is a time to move into Unity. *Inclusive Unity*; that seems redundant, but the Unity we often prize is like an exclusive club that only the enlightened and selfless get into.

artist unknown

The time is *now* to move into synthesis. If we want to save the Earth including humanity, we have to transition from being either Activists who have so much anger, vitriol and smug sense of rightness or the other side of the continuum, those who prize inner peace and inner enlightenment to the exclusion of doing what is needed to transform our world into one of peace and harmony for all. We have gone too far with our anger and outrage at Trump, cops, Hillary, the DNC. Anger is a useful tool to awaken us to injustice and imbalance, but it will not take us all the way home. We need to let it alight on our shoulders just enough to take righteous action, but not so much that we become filled with self-righetousness.

Artist unknown

Here’s the part that might be a hard-sell, but which I am convinced is KEY to helping us to break free from the cycle of violence and destruction that has marked most of the existence of humanity–We need to *LOVE* our enemies; really, truly, deeply. Love is the *only* thing that will transform greed, violence, fear, abuse of power and so on. In our 3 tent media circus of a world, it is so easy to get sucked in, worked up, indignant, up in arms, etc, but then our emotions, our thoughts, our words, our fb posts and comments actually magnify and and amplify the negative energy of whatever event it is. We think we are protesting but we are feeding the monster! I do this all the time.
What we need to do differently- We need to neither deny the pain and tragedies and transgressions of our world by ignoring events and only posting pics of kitties and rainbows, nor engage angrily in politcal debates where we mock the other side. Bernie’s followers are as guilty of this as any other group.

heart connection
“Invoking the Heart of the Forest” by Andy Kehoe

1st, we need to embody and calm and peaceful state. If we are not calm and peaceful, we should take no further action until we are calm and peaceful. If we feel calm and peaceful, we should not just sit there forever, in our own little bliss bubble, but move on to step 2
2nd–Send out love to who or whatever situation feels like “the other side”. If you are up in arms about the DNC lying and cheating, degrading various groups etc., make a mental note of the transgressions and send them love. That’s right, love them into health and balance. If you are angry that Trump is going to bring about a 2nd Holocaust, note the injustice and send him love. When you are in a full state of lovingness, you may spontaneously be shown something about the root of how the imbalance began in the person/situation, and then you can send love to that too.

“Potential” by Stephanie Law

Why send love? Because our historic response has been hate/war, annulling and anhilating that which we find objectionable and how has that worked out? It may temporarily subdue the person/group/situation, but it never eradicates the root of the problem. To paraphrase Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, hate can’t stamp out hate, only love can. I would go one step further and say that we can’t stamp out hate at all, only invite it into the greater ocean of love; and incubating in that ocean of love, it becomes transformed. Love the racists. Love the fear-mongers. Love Republicans. Love Trump. Love cop killers. Love the CIA. Love Brexit. Love Hiroshima. Love Chernobyl. Love greedy and crooked politicians. Real love. True love. Real love is not indulgent nor enabling. Real love does not look away and permit corruption.

every act of love
artist unknown

Feeling loving feelings towards evil, darkness and corruption in and of itself will not be enough. But without love, all of our actions will not yield transformative results. There will be no peace, no unity that leaves some members out. True peace and unity must embrace and invite in all we consider nefarious.
And only when we truly embody Lovingness, will we know the right course of action and speech to take.
It is now my personal intention to embody this knowing , and I invite you to join me. I’m sure I’ll forget daily at 1st. Cultural transformation isn’t easy. But then I’ll love myself back into remembrance. Only Love can heal us.

spiral sun
“The Reciprocal Relationship Between Man and Nature” 1977 by Bernth Uhno

Home Practice:

I’m developing a set of tools and techniques which I will be teaching through a series of 5 weekly conference calls.  the first part of the call will be devoted to learning the skills, then 2nd half  will be practicing, with supported meditation to transform Fear into Love.  We will direct our practice towards a different pressing issue of our times each week.

  • The 1st call will be 08/18/2016 11:00 AM US/Pacific (GMT-0700), and will continue weekly for a total of 5 weeks.
  • To get instructions for joining the call, please RSVP for the event on Facebook:


Cover Art by Arna Baartz.

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