Check Your Privilege This Election- Why I’m Voting For Hillary

To my friends considering voting for anyone other than Hillary, I would ask you to consider examining your privilege. In other years, I too have protest voted and also voted for 3rd party candidates I hoped would win and those I knew didn’t stand a chance, b/c the democratic candidate didn’t deserve my vote. This year Hilary didn’t deserve my vote either, but I voted for her. Here’s why– Trump has vocally, consistently and vehemently targeted multiple groups with violence and non-humanitarian threats. People in these groups Muslims, Mexicans, Mexican-Americans etc, some of whom are eligible to vote, some of whom are not, will bear the brunt of our exercising our privileged choice. A vote for Jill Stein makes it that much more likely that Trump will win.

And sitting out is not an option either–if your life depended on it, literally, would you sit out? And if Trump wins and people in his targeted groups are harmed, that is the price of your exercising your privilege. Is that something you can live with? If it is, ask yourself if that is something that the deported Mexican who is separated from his family can live with, or the Muslim who is beaten in the streets in the zeitgeist of a president who incites violence?

Is this who you want as president?  If not,  you better vote for Hillary
Is this who you want as president? If not, you better vote for Hillary

The space between your being able to live with your choice and someone else not being able to live at all– that is privilege. So if you believe in equality and justice, you must vote, not just for yourself, but for those who stand to be harmed. We have to see the big picture and be mature. Other years, when the stakes are not as high and the risks not as great, voting your preference may be appropriate, but this year it is unconscionable.


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