Chronicles from the Goddess’ Kitchen

So the last week or so, the Goddess’ refrigerator has reeked of ripe garbage, the likes of which I’ve never experienced. Like, even after I took something out of the fridge and closed it, I could still smell the stench on the perfectly fine item. The refrigeration element has been increasingly icing over for a month or 2, (it’s an RV fridge and they’re a bit quirky) but food was still cold, so it couldn’t be spoilage.  The box of baking soda still seemed pretty fresh, so I couldn’t imagine what was causing it.

Imagining something liquefying and putrefying in the bowels of the teeny tiny fridge and the clean up that would ensue filled me with dread, as did the thought of an expensive repair and a non-working fridge.


But finally last night, I could take the smell and the mystery no more and started looking for the source of the smell. In under 2 minutes I found 1 very old lemon that had turned completely powdery green and had rolled under the water drip pan. Once I tossed it, the fridge smelled normal within minutes. Who knew that 1 little fruit, whose smell is so bright and refreshing could be the source of such foulness in its decay?

This is a stock photo of a moldy lemon…mine was even greener and powderier..ier if you can imagine that! It went straight into the waste bin sans photo.

Takeaway– sometimes fear and worry loom large over us and we feel overwhelmed and immobilized…It seems like our whole world (or fridge) is contaminated. But when we find the courage to begin the task at hand, we find that it was 1 small thing affecting everything else, and when we address the small issue, everything else goes back to balance and harmony.  Part of Resting Your Way to Success is identifying and acting on small things that have a big impact, instead of trying to do it all;  that’s how the Goddess manifests a sweet-smelling fridge and so much more 🙂

Home Practice:
Reflect and journal on the following~

  • How might this dynamic be manifesting in your personal life?
  • On the world stage?
  • What is 1 thing (personal or in the world at large) that is using up a lot of space in your thoughts or is draining you energetically?
  • What’s 1 small action around that issue can you take that might have a big payoff or ripple effect?
  • Allow your experience of the solution being simple and swift to update your “file” on how things get resolved.

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