Transcend- new artwork

New Work–
by Beleszóve Foldlanya
12″ x12″, Acrylic.
Artwork and accompanying story for sale, inquire with the artist

We like to believe we arrive in this world as a blank slate, fresh and new. But some of us come into this life with blocks. Sometimes big, towering, solid black blocks; whether through epigenetic carrying of intergenerational trauma, being pre-disposed to depression, anxiety or other psychological or physical challenges. Our life’s task– how to transcend, how to make beauty, how to make music from the lot we’ve drawn?

Transcend Painting
Transcend Acrylic 12″ x 12″ 2018 Beleszove Foldlanya

The story of this painting:
I picked up this already painted on canvas from a neighbor through an online gifting group. It had 2 black fields painted and in 1 a vase of flowers painted. The acrylics used must have been craft grade, and not enough used, as the canvas was showing through. I was trying to cover the previous person’s images with white gesso, but the gesso was also cheap, legubrious, craft grade and wouldn’t cover.

Quite early on, I realized the perfection of this “problem” and committed to working with what I had in front of me, with what I had inherited. So much more potent and powerful to acknowledge the past instead of whitewashing over it. What has come before is still visible, but it has been surrounded with thick white paste to buffer the harshness, and something new has been built on top-lighter, freer, more spontaneous and responsive.


Flecks of black still come through in areas but the overall effect is balance, harmony and organicity. Yet, still these 2 large forms stand in close proximity, but are unable to connect, something else is needed– golden filaments appear as if from nowhere–some kind of magic, Divine intervention to finally Transcend- offers a bridge between these 2 separate fields and Grace descends, unifying into Healed Wholeness.

Working With

Blessings of Healing and Wholeness,




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