Give It Away, Give It Away, Give It Away Now!

Yes, this is the time to tap into and trust my intuition more deeply……. Recently 2 astrologers who I’ve followed, enjoyed and benefitted from, have monetized their previously free offerings; one even gave guidance of, “stop giving ideas and services away for free”.
Well, I can say that not only does this not resonate with my inner truth-o-meter, but I could sense that for each of them, this impulse came, not from an economic necessity, but from an unhealed 3-D wound around money and receiving and self “worth”.
I had an intuitive hit that had they not opted to trade their gifts for a set dollar amount, but gave it away along with a request for what they need– support for their material existance, that these gifted women would receive even greater financial and material abundance, because generosity inspires generosity. But detangling worth and material needs also requires faith, trust and vulnerability.
Let’s be clear– You are not *worth* anything; Worth is a measure for objects, things, not life forms such as human beings. You do not have value or lack of value. This modern notion is a holdover from capitalism and is not appropriate to be applied to Gaia or her children.   This “valuing” and “what you’re worth” is the very thing that has allowed men to receive more economic resources than women, and white people to receive more than people of color.  So we’ve looked to the dominant paradigm of white male privilege (not coincidently, the same demographic that created the capitalist machine) and said, “I want what they got and so I’m gonna use the same rationale they’ve used”, without questioning the validity of that oppressive system to begin with.
drink in life's sweetness
You just are. And you are deserving of all life has to offer because you exist.
This concept may be most clear with the example of sexual relations–Ideally, when you are having sex you are giving everything you have to the other person and the experience; And hopefully they are doing the same; there is vulnerability and generosity. You do that b/c that feels most right. But if you get into withholding or giving out just measured amounts based on the other person’s “worth” or what they’ve given to you, or tie it to actual money or material gifts–e.g. “I’ll have sex with you, if you buy me a car”, it ceases to be a beautiful experience and we sometimes call that prostitution. We don’t have much respect for prostitution or the person prostituting. Sex negativity and sex-work/er negativity is a whole other can of worms I’ll save for another post.
Why do we imagine it is so very different, or a good thing to “charge what we are worth”? No, just give away everything you have to give that feels good to give, and open yourself as much as possible to receiving everything you need and that which makes your heart sing and feeds your soul.  When I decoupled these things, I found that I began receiving more, and often from unexpected places and people.  I also noticed the increase in flow  and health in my life when I began “giving away” my gifts irregardless of financial exchange; like a patch of flowers bursting with pollen, when I have something to share,  I share it….just like the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ song–give it away-now!      And really,  how come everybody wanna keep it like the Kaiser?  When will you realize you don’t wanna be a miser? Give it away, Give it away, Give it away now!
mountain witch alder
Usually the people/groups I share my goodies with are not the same ones who have gifted me, and I like it that way; increases circulation and cross pollination.  Of course b/c I live in a world where this practice is not the norm, this dynamic exchange isn’t flawless, and so for now, I also employ a hybrid  of gifting economics by offering a suggested price range  for goods and services, but I would accept less or more, so long as it felt “right” internally.
So…….make beautiful, generous, sweet, mature love to this world; don’t hold back–you won’t gain anything by saving it up or doling it out in measured doses. And the more you open to giving fully and receiving fully, the more lubricated your life becomes, which makes giving your gifts and receiving other people’s even juicier and more pleasurable 😉

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