Another Inspirational Poster Bites the Dust

I often encourage people to consume their memes mindfully.
The message on this photo is *steeped* in patriarchal b.s.!

stupid meme

Personally,  I pretty much disagree with every exhortation.  I believe:

  • it’s ok to not always be strong.
  • Sometimes Bravery is honoring your limitations.
  • It’s ok to celebrate and take pleasure in overcoming challenges and you don’t have to be a badass to make meaningful contributions.
  • Honor where you’re at.

Instead, ask yourself:

  • What is the cost of staying strong? What does my weakness need– Nourishment? Rest?
  • How can I reclaim notions of bravery?
  • Who does my humility serve? Am I running on old beliefs or stories that say I can’t feel satisfaction of my accomplishments?
  • Is the pull to be a badass coming from ego or testosterone driven patriarchal holdovers?
  • What is my deepest knowing asking for in this moment?
  • What does my Organic Self truly need?


Think Critically


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