Another Inspirational Poster Bites the Dust

I often encourage people to consume their memes mindfully. The message on this photo is *steeped* in patriarchal b.s.! Personally,  I pretty much disagree with every exhortation.  I believe: it’s ok to not always be strong. Sometimes Bravery is honoring your limitations. It’s ok to celebrate and take pleasure in overcoming challenges and you don’t have to be a badass to make meaningful contributions. Honor … Continue reading Another Inspirational Poster Bites the Dust

Transcend- new artwork

New Work– Transcend by Beleszóve Foldlanya 12″ x12″, Acrylic. 2018 Artwork and accompanying story for sale, inquire with the artist Transcend- We like to believe we arrive in this world as a blank slate, fresh and new. But some of us come into this life with blocks. Sometimes big, towering, solid black blocks; whether through epigenetic carrying of intergenerational trauma, being pre-disposed to depression, anxiety … Continue reading Transcend- new artwork

Music Makes the World Go ‘Round- the Magic of Subtle State Shifts

Dear Xylophone player playing outside PCC Market Edmonds- You’ll never know how much you helped me, by making music yesterday. I had been feeling depressed the whole weekend, unable to access any joy or fun. I had just come from a little park by the beach and was feeling sad, b/c it didn’t have any access to get down to the water and had long … Continue reading Music Makes the World Go ‘Round- the Magic of Subtle State Shifts

Raspberry Chia Oat Bars- recipe

RASPBERRY CHIA OAT BARS I’ve been craving sweets lately.  I miss being able to go to a coffee shop a few times a week and order a fancy coffee drink and nibble a decadent bakery treat.  But my days of being able to plunk down $10 for an afternoon treat are long gone, and even if I could still afford it, as my health requires … Continue reading Raspberry Chia Oat Bars- recipe