Transcend- new artwork

New Work– Transcend by Beleszóve Foldlanya 12″ x12″, Acrylic. 2018 Artwork and accompanying story for sale, inquire with the artist Transcend- We like to believe we arrive in this world as a blank slate, fresh and new. But some of us come into this life with blocks. Sometimes big, towering, solid black blocks; whether through epigenetic carrying of intergenerational trauma, being pre-disposed to depression, anxiety … Continue reading Transcend- new artwork

Freebie– Inspirational Posters for You to Download for Free!

One of my hobbies is to make inspirational “posters” or whatever they’re called from photos I’ve taken, and pair them with little nuggets of wisdom from myself and others (despite my rudimentary skill in graphic and web design).   I’m feeling a sense of abundance today and I’d like to share the wealth.  Feel free to download.  If reposting, please use proper attribution. Download- Scared is Sacred downloadable … Continue reading Freebie– Inspirational Posters for You to Download for Free!

Sunday Morning Darshan

I woke up this morning with a fresh perspective to my recent baffling challenges– remembering a vision from a Hebrew Priestess Journey where I was a piece of copper being hammered, this morning i realize that every knock or bang or being hammered by Life, is really just forging my Instrument and the instrument that is being created is developing a beautiful, clear, strong sound; … Continue reading Sunday Morning Darshan