Transcend- new artwork

New Work– Transcend by Beleszóve Foldlanya 12″ x12″, Acrylic. 2018 Artwork and accompanying story for sale, inquire with the artist Transcend- We like to believe we arrive in this world as a blank slate, fresh and new. But some of us come into this life with blocks. Sometimes big, towering, solid black blocks; whether through epigenetic carrying of intergenerational trauma, being pre-disposed to depression, anxiety … Continue reading Transcend- new artwork

On Being Alone For the Holidays

Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah to all, but especially to those of you who are spending the holiday alone, as I am this year, and in fact how I spend the holidays most years. I used to suffer from extreme loneliness, and then there were the years of trying to escape my circumstances– going to movie marathon, not because I wanted to, but to be … Continue reading On Being Alone For the Holidays

Everything You Want Is On the Other Side of Fear

I had some fear come up today while at my storage unit, and also a kind of stealth fear has been an undercurrent for me these last few months— I’m scared of the changes I might really need to make, scared to take that next big leap into the life i want to live, because it means letting go of all sense of security and … Continue reading Everything You Want Is On the Other Side of Fear