Transmuting Outrage Into Enlightened Action and Radical Responsibility

All that we are decrying, protesting, railing against now….we need to look at how we participate in perpetuating those same ills. Let’s take fashion for instance. I love me a good bargain, and despite working towards releasing my material impulses, I still love to shop, esp. for clothes. But if I believe in women’s equality, or at minimum, protecting women from abuses, how can I continue to support the “fast fashion” garment industry?

Fashion is the largest employer of women in the world…but only 2% of women working in fashion make a living wage? When I buy cheap clothes, and more of them than I need to keep myself clothed, I am voting with my dollars to say it’s ok to pay women a wage they can’t live on.*

If I am railing against environmental polluters, but still driving a gas guzzling car, my dollars are going to support the Dakota Access Pipeline and the salaries of their evil CEOs and decision makers. Fashion is also a gross polluter. 85 % of all the man-made debris found on shores was microfibers— from clothes! It takes over 700 gallons of water to create 1 cotton t-shirt! not to mention the chemicals*.

Folks, I’m not here to chastise you….we all are in different places regarding making changes. But as I watch global and US events unfold, I look at the bigger picture, the grand scheme, the energetic imprint and opportunities for evolving. Yes, resistance is good, but that is not enough to move us forward. We’ve been there done that. When I ask, “why is this happening?”, I’m asking with the assumption that there *is* a reason it’s happening, and that the purpose is ultimately beneficial….or at least potentially beneficial, if we work it right.

life is not happening to you

As it’s come to me through the ethers, I see the horrors that are occurring on the grand stage to be magnified, and hyperbolic reflections of whats been happening on a smaller scale, and within each one of us for quite some time. Shocked that Trump could outright lie and flaunt rules, laws and political norms? Really? Politicians have been lying and making back room deals and covering up things for ever. That’s the way Washington works! Repulsed by his cavalier and transgressive treatment of women? That shit happens every day, in every sector. On the evolution/ascension/etheric level, Trump is a gift to wake us up to our own hypocrisy. Why did it take his drastic and shocking behavior and actions to get people to come together in Unity for a higher purpose?

We have called in these events and these actors, b/c on a deeper level, our souls want to awaken, our evolutionary purpose wants to be activated. So instead of being outraged and angry, let’s accept that this is what we wrought, collectively and with our individual choices and attitudes. The situation absolutely requires swift and effective attention. But we will be more effective if we can transmute our outrage and finger-pointing into enlightened action.



2 thoughts on “Transmuting Outrage Into Enlightened Action and Radical Responsibility

  1. Wonderful post – much needed in these times. I think as artists it is incumbent on us to focus on spreading our joy in whatever way we can, and encourage people (including ourselves) to lift themselves above all the anger and despair … but oh it is so hard to remember a lot of the time. Your post is a great reminder to look for the silver lining.


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